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Mona svart

1395 SEK

Detta är Mona! En svart klänning med  knappar fram. Rak modell med veck vid axeln. Fin att användas både med och utan knytskärp. Klänningen är sydd i Estland. 

100 % viskos  

Krympmån 3-5%

Tvätt: 3o°

Storlek: S

bystvidd: 110 cm

längd från axel till fåll längst ner: 105 cm

Storlek: M

bystvidd: 114 cm

längd från axel till fåll längst ner: 107 cm

Storlek: L

bystvidd: 118 cm

längd från axel till fåll längst ner: 109 cm

Storlek: XL

bystvidd: 122 cm

längd från axel till fåll längst ner: 111 cm

Birgit & Benny makes clothes for people who think of style as something significant in everyday life.

We are a slow fashion brand that brings you classic silhouettes and focus on designing clothes that can be worn regardless of season and for generations ahead. Birgit & Benny´s collections are made in limited editions just to keep the uniqe flair.  

We care for Mother Nature and strive towards a sustainable and transparent process through out the whole chain of production – from design to customer. Our fabrics are carefully chosen with regards both to the design and the environment and our collections are produced in small factories in Sweden and Estonia.

The slow fashion brand Birgit & Benny was founded 2010 by designer Jenny Lundén in Gothenburg, Sweden where we still have our studio.

For any questions feel free to contact us at: kontakt@birgitobenny.se.

 If you wish to pay us a visit you're welcome to stop by our studio Baum work/shop at Mariagatan 23, 41471 Göteborg.

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